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What is Sputtering?

Thermal Conductive Bonding
Expert Service Specialities

  • Indium Bonding
  • Elastomer Bonding and Molding
  • NanoFoil Bonding
  • PVD Thin Films

Semiconductor Industry
TCB excels at providing quality bonding for industry critical devices such as Electrostatic Chucks, Gas Diffusion Plates and Focus Electrodes. 

Solar Panels and the Photovolatic Industry
With the experience gleaned over the years in dealing with numerous sputter coates and PVD ( Physical Vapor Depositon) issues, TCB can help with most every material.

Flat Panel Industry
TCB successfully collaborated with engineers in this field to develop a processes where we can bond small or large surface area sputtering targets even greater than 100 sq. feet.

Glass Coating Industries
TCB has developed proprietary bonding techniques for joining cylinders of materials to supporting tubes, enabling the construction of very long cylindrical targets to coat large surface areas more cost effectively then planar targets.

Sputtering Targets
TCB is well recognized in the industry as the most cost-effective provider of quality bonding solutions for most any combination of target material and backing plate.

Our proprietary approaches in Indium Bonded and Elastomer Bonded target assemblies improve reliability and performance.

Engineering Successes
We at TCB are proud of our engineering accomplishments and continuing ability to innovate and develop technology to service our customers. 
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Taking Care of Business...

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TCB Engineering & Design

TCB has a full engineering staff ready with expertise in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physics and a strong working knowledge of the industries we serve. TCB is well equipped to assist you with all applications you may have now and in the future.

With our Solid Works CAD software, we also can work with your drawing or work with you to create the documentation needed to support your applications.

Contract Manufacturing

TCB can deliver many benefits in contract manufacturing as a result of our major capital equipment investments, expert staff, global locations and extensive supplier base. TCB's contract manufacturing can work for you by offering a one-stop solution, reduced lead times, streamlined supply chain and improved service.


TCB offers a complete range of machining services from our fully equipped, state-of-the-art machine shop. With multiple CNC mills, a Lathe and a manual mill, we are well equipped to service our customer needs for precision machining.

Clean Room Assembly

Our 3375 square foot class 1000 clean room is an essential part of our ability to meet the critical requirements our customers have for parts we receive from them.

Ultrasonic Imaging / C--Scans

Our C-scan imaging system is used to detect material flaws and insure bond integrity. This immersion system gives both accurate and reproducible results that are critical to our understanding of the bonds we create between various materials.

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